Waterless Dyeing
We use industrial proven technology based on CO₂, instead of water. This is made by the use of a liquid solution called a solvent to evenly carry dye throughout fabrics. Our technology uses reclaimed CO₂ as the dyeing medium in a closed loop process.
So how does it work?

Waterless Dyeing

No process chemicals, no water, no waste water and therefore no waste water treatment is necessary. The CO₂ we use is reclaimed from existing industrial processes, recycling 95% of it in a closed loop system and can help save an average of 170 liters of water per garment. No more toxic dyes or chemicals released into the environment.

Future of Fashion Waterless Dyeing

Energy Efficient

Dyeing without water equals geographical freedom, becoming completely independent from clean water availability. This opens up new opportunities for the textile industry, allowing production to occur closer to market, shorten lead times and disconnect from Earth’s most valuable resource… water.

We are using a dry process, eliminating the need to evaporate water. In that way we use 86% less energy and helps reduce up to 84% of greenhouse gases compared to traditional printing.

Rapid Progress

Colorfastness Performance

Our customized inks and coloration technologies are designed to achieve deep penetration into the fibers while drying quickly, thus achieving great colorfastness results with good durability.

We use 100% pure dyestuff giving beautiful, vibrant colours. The dye is distributed evenly over the fabric and the technology allows for easy colour correction. The dyes penetrates deep into the fibres creating intense colours with excellent quality characteristics.