Neha Singh

Founder & CEO, Obsess
United States
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Neha Singh, the visionary founder of Obsess, has reshaped the landscape of e-commerce by introducing a revolutionary approach to online shopping. As the driving force behind Obsess, a virtual store platform founded in 2018, Singh combines her background in computer science, her experience as a software lead at Google, and her passion for fashion to create immersive and engaging virtual shopping experiences.

Neha Singh's journey began with a degree in computer science from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Her subsequent role as a software lead at Google, where she contributed to the development of the integrated advertising platform AdWords, provided her with a strong foundation in technology. Simultaneously, Singh pursued her interest in fashion by taking classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). The convergence of these seemingly disparate fields set the stage for the inception of Obsess.

Joining the luxury e-commerce marketplace startup AHAlife, Singh encountered the limitations of conventional online shopping interfaces. Faced with the challenge of creating truly immersive experiences within the confines of standard thumbnail grids, she recognized the need for a transformative solution. This realization was further reinforced during her tenure as the head of digital product at Vogue, where she launched multiple digital properties while still grappling with the constraints of traditional e-commerce layouts.

Motivated by the desire to bring the richness of in-store experiences to the digital realm, Neha Singh founded Obsess. The platform introduces experiential e-commerce, transcending the transactional nature of traditional online shopping. Singh's vision revolves around making virtual stores visual, immersive, interactive, and discovery-driven. Obsess has rapidly become the preferred choice for a diverse range of brands, including industry giants like Tommy Hilfiger, Samsung, and Ulta Beauty.

Obsess breaks free from the conventional thumbnail grids by showcasing products in realistic contexts. Singh's brainchild enables consumers to navigate virtual stores, click on products for detailed information, and seamlessly make purchases. The platform's software transforms the shopping experience, allowing retailers to move beyond transactional interactions to create engaging and memorable omnichannel strategies.

In a landscape saturated with virtual experiences, Singh emphasizes the importance of balancing realism and innovation. Obsess's approach involves creating lifelike environments that resonate with consumers, steering clear of gimmicks and outlandish designs. Singh's recommendation to brands is to keep virtual spaces grounded and relatable to ease the transition for customers accustomed to traditional shopping environments.

Obsess collaborates with brands in two primary ways. For those with in-house 3D modeling capabilities, Singh's team provides valuable insights based on extensive data analysis, guiding the design process to enhance user engagement. For brands lacking such capabilities, Obsess takes charge of 3D modeling, working closely with the company to bring their creative vision to life. This collaborative approach, spanning two to four months, ensures the creation of immersive virtual stores that captivate and retain customer interest.

Neha Singh's journey from computer science to fashion, coupled with her groundbreaking work at Obsess, exemplifies her commitment to bridging the gap between technology and the human experience. As the digitized retail landscape evolves, Neha Singh remains at the forefront, shaping the future of e-commerce with innovation, creativity, and a profound understanding of consumer behavior.

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