George Yashin

Co-Founder & CEO, Zero10
United States
Listed Since
George Yashin, a visionary in the fashion and augmented reality (AR) landscape, embarked on his entrepreneurial journey by founding the AR platform Zero10 in 2020. Driven by a growing sense of weariness with the relentless pace of the fashion industry, Yashin's venture marked a significant shift from his previous role at the helm of his own brand, ZNY.

In its early stages, Zero10 distinguished itself by collaborating with emerging designers such as Edward Crutchley, Maisie Wilen, Barragán, and Alexandra Sipa. The platform's commitment to nurturing fresh talent laid the foundation for its evolution into a cutting-edge force within the intersection of fashion and technology.

A pivotal moment for Zero10 came in November 2022, with the official launch of its groundbreaking platform. This platform empowered designers to seamlessly transform their creations into 3D and AR-compatible formats, revolutionizing the way fashion is experienced and consumed.

Not content with merely shaping the future of fashion, Yashin steered Zero10 towards high-profile collaborations with renowned luxury brands. Notable among these partnerships were collaborations with industry giants Coach and Tommy Hilfiger, showcasing Zero10's dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation.

In May 2023, Zero10, under Yashin's leadership, collaborated with Coach on digital renditions of the iconic Tabby bag. These virtual creations were made accessible for customers through in-store mirrors for virtual try-ons and a groundbreaking AR window display outside Coach's Soho space in New York.

Yashin's unwavering belief in the transformative power of AR extends beyond its potential to elevate brand reach and profitability. He envisions a democratization of creative opportunities, asserting that AR can empower aspiring individuals, even kids, to delve into the realm of digital fashion creation. For George Yashin, Zero10 is not just a platform; it's a catalyst for unlocking the limitless possibilities that AR technology brings to the world of fashion and beyond.

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