Scandinavian Academy of Fashion Design

Graduates 2023

Prepare to embark on a journey through innovation, creativity, and style, as we introduce you to a group of visionary designers who are set to redefine the boundaries of fashion as we know it. These graduates have honed their skills, nurtured their unique perspectives, and poured their hearts and souls into their creations during their time at the academy.

Our platform is not just a showcase; it's a window into the future. Explore the captivating collections, discover the stories behind the designs, and witness the fusion of tradition and modernity, sustainability and haute couture, minimalism and extravagance. These designers are the vanguards of Scandinavian fashion, and their work reflects the cultural diversity, sustainability consciousness, and relentless pursuit of excellence that define this region.

Join us as we unveil the remarkable talent, dedication, and vision of the 2023 graduates from the Scandinavian Academy of Fashion Design. Future of Fashion is your passport to a world where innovation meets aesthetics, and where the future of fashion is being shaped by the creative minds of tomorrow.

Julie Bi Christensen

Casper Langkjær

Ciara Olive Martha Crowley

Gabriella Hye de Pasqualin Gamél 

Isabella Olesen

Joaquin Diaz Rojas

Julie Victoria Ladekjær

Kasper Hauge

Kiva Lærke Dam

Leonora Kofoed

Maria Xenia Wallentin

Melina Aviaia Kjærsgaard Josefsen

Rasmus Emil Miltoft

Rikke Vigander von Hirsch

Thit Vinholdt Bøgehave

Vincent Brandt Kofod