Alice Delahunt

Founder & CEO, Syky
United States
Listed Since
Alice Delahunt is a trailblazer in the intersection of fashion and the metaverse, boasting a rare combination of fashion expertise and longstanding roots in virtual worlds. Her journey began with a university research paper in the early 2000s, delving into the virtual realm of Second Life, showcasing her early recognition of the potential within the metaverse.

Over the years, Delahunt has played a pivotal role in guiding heritage brands through crucial digital transitions. Her tenure at Burberry marked a transformative period during the early days of Instagram. Joining as the global social media coordinator in 2011, a role considered novel at the time, she rapidly ascended to the position of Global Director of Digital and Social. Under her visionary leadership, Burberry secured its status as the top-ranked digital fashion brand, pioneering the use of cutting-edge technologies such as Instagram video ads and augmented reality.

In a testament to her ability to navigate the evolving landscape of digital experiences, Delahunt spearheaded Ralph Lauren's entry into the metaverse. Establishing groundbreaking partnerships with platforms like Bitmoji, Zepeto, and Roblox, she curated innovative projects that reintroduced Roblox's Gen Z audience to vintage Ralph Lauren pieces.

Embracing a new chapter in her career, Alice Delahunt now holds the title of Founder and CEO at Syky. With this venture, she aims to leverage her extensive background in both fashion and technology to cultivate the next generation of digital fashion talent and build robust infrastructure for the ever-evolving metaverse. Delahunt's visionary leadership continues to shape the future of the fashion industry at the intersection of innovation and virtual experiences.

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