Natasha Franck

Founder & CEO, EON
United States
Listed Since
Natasha Franck is a trailblazing entrepreneur and visionary leader, currently serving as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Eon. At the helm of Eon, Natasha spearheads a groundbreaking platform dedicated to powering Connected Products and Circular Commerce. Eon stands as the industry's pioneer, offering the first-ever platform to seamlessly connect products throughout their lifecycle – from new to re-new. Positioned at the heart of the fashion retail landscape, Eon boasts a global ecosystem and Partner Network, setting it apart as the go-to platform for brands and retailers.

Natasha's innovative approach extends beyond mere connectivity, as Eon leverages product digitization to empower brands and retailers to unlock novel revenue streams, foster unparalleled customer engagement, and gain access to invaluable data, customer insights, and business intelligence. Under Natasha's guidance, Eon has not only redefined the retail landscape but has also emerged as a catalyst for sustainability within the industry.

One of Natasha's notable contributions is the development and implementation of the CircularID™ Protocol, a groundbreaking innovation facilitating seamless data exchange across the circular economy. This protocol underscores Eon's commitment to driving sustainability in the industry, positioning it as a transformative force in the realm of Connected Products and Circular Commerce.

Prior to her role at Eon, Natasha Franck served as the Vice President of Global Business Development at Delos, a sustainable real estate and smart cities technology startup. Her expertise in sustainable urban development began at Jonathan Rose Companies, where she launched her career in alignment with her commitment to mission-based endeavors.

Natasha holds a Bachelor's Degree from Georgetown University, reflecting her dedication to academic excellence. With a track record marked by innovation, sustainability, and leadership, Natasha Franck continues to shape the future of the retail industry through Eon's revolutionary approach to Connected Products and Circular Commerce.

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