Cameron-James Wilson

Founder & CEO, The Diigitals
United Kingdom
Listed Since
Cameron-James Wilson, the visionary CEO and Founder of The Diigitals, stands at the forefront of a groundbreaking revolution in the fashion industry. Hailing from the United Kingdom, he boasts an illustrious career as a British fashion photographer and visual artist, accumulating over a decade of invaluable experience in the dynamic and ever-evolving world of fashion.

Driven by a relentless passion for innovation, Cameron-James Wilson embarked on a journey to explore new artistic mediums, leading him to the realm of 3D modeling and CGI. This exploration bore fruit with the creation of Shudu, a trailblazing achievement hailed as the World's First Digital Supermodel. Undoubtedly, Cameron's foray into the digital frontier marked a paradigm shift in the industry, foreshadowing the transformative potential of 3D fashion modeling.

Fueled by his pioneering spirit, Cameron founded The Diigitals, heralding the inception of the first all-digital model agency. The agency serves as a testament to Cameron's unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional fashion representation and embracing the limitless possibilities presented by digital innovation.

A fervent advocate for diversity and inclusion, Cameron-James Wilson envisions The Diigitals as a platform to champion representation in the fashion world. His aspiration is to foster collaboration with creators from emerging economies and under-represented communities, thereby amplifying diverse voices and perspectives within the industry.

In Cameron's world, 3D fashion modeling transcends mere innovation; it is a powerful tool for storytelling, empowerment, and cultural enrichment. Through The Diigitals, he continues to shape the future of fashion, inspiring a new era where creativity knows no bounds, and every individual is celebrated for their unique story and identity.