Kerry Murphy

Co-Founder, The Fabricant
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Kerry Murphy, the visionary founder of The Fabricant, hails from the small town of Hollola in northern Finland. Honest about the long-term, Kerry Murphy foresees a groundbreaking shift in the fashion industry, not fully realized until 2030. The Fabricant is not just a digital fashion brand; it's a movement towards a sustainable, digital-only fashion industry that thrives on creativity and innovation.

Since its 2018 launch, The Fabricant has collaborated with industry giants like Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, and Puma, pioneering the "direct-to-avatar" space. The brand envisions a holistic approach, encompassing a brand, community, educational platform, and a studio allowing anyone to become a digital fashion designer. Kerry Murphy's ambition extends beyond fashion; it's about building a foundation on Finnish and Nordic values – sustainability, creativity, and innovation.

Kerry Murphy's foresight, coupled with co-founder Amber Slooten's creative direction, propels The Fabricant toward a future where digital fashion transcends boundaries, engaging global audiences in immersive, community-driven experiences. The Fabricant's saga exemplifies a paradigm shift in fashion, where storytelling, community, and sustainability converge in a digital tapestry of endless possibilities. As Kerry Murphy steers the ship toward uncharted waters, the world awaits the realization of his vision—a fashion revolution that wastes nothing but data and exploits nothing but imagination.

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