Christine Marzano

Founder & CEO, BODS
United States
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Christine Marzano is a trailblazer in the world of fashion technology, serving as the visionary Founder and CEO of Bods, a pioneering 3D clothing try-on tech provider. Her mission is to revolutionize the landscape of fashion e-commerce by seamlessly integrating artificial intelligence and gaming technology into the shopping experience.

Bods, under Marzano's leadership, stands out by allowing consumers to visualize the fit of clothing items before purchase. Through the use of AI, the platform accurately determines measurements from user-uploaded photos, constructing a 3D avatar tailored to the individual's size specifications and skin tone. A former model herself, Marzano is committed to making this innovative technology user-friendly and accessible, bridging the gap between deep tech and mainstream adoption.

Luxury retailers, including Khaite, have taken notice of Bods, highlighting its success in transforming the online shopping experience. Investors, recognizing the potential, have shown their support as well, with the company securing an impressive $5.6 million in seed funding last year from Stellation Capital, model Karlie Kloss, and Rent the Runway co-founder Jenny Fleiss.

Christine Marzano envisions a future where fashion is defined by fit, not just size. Bods tackles the significant issue of ill-fitting clothes, contributing to environmental waste and customer dissatisfaction. Marzano eloquently states, "If you can fix fit, while making it enjoyable and beautiful, you can fix everything."

The essence of Bods lies in its cutting-edge technology, merging computer graphics with personalized digital experiences. By leveraging achievements in AI and computer graphics, Bods provides an elegant and elevated solution that empowers online shoppers to make informed purchasing decisions while exploring and experimenting with their style.

At the heart of the Bods experience is the personalized 3D representation, known as the BOD. Within seconds, artificial intelligence creates a realistic avatar based on two uploaded photographs or a few measurements, allowing users to visualize how clothes of various sizes will fit their actual bodies. Bods transforms online shopping into an immersive, personalized, and enjoyable journey, redefining the standards of fashion technology.

Christine Marzano co-founded Bods alongside Alexander Shatalov, the Chief Technology Officer, who brings deep expertise in 3D computer graphics, animation, and gaming technologies. Together with a world-class team of engineering specialists, 3D artists, and garment designers, they have created a groundbreaking solution that reflects Marzano's years of experience in the fashion industry and 3D digital technology.

With Marzano's background as an award-winning actress, former runway model, and Princeton graduate, and Shatalov's engineering prowess, Bods is positioned at the forefront of the fashion tech revolution. The company's commitment to delivering a personalized, inclusive, and enjoyable online shopping experience reflects Marzano's vision of a future where technology and fashion seamlessly coalesce.

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