Lorenzo Albrighi

Co-Founder, Lablaco
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Lorenzo Albrighi, a trailblazer in the realm of Fashion Blockchain, stands as the co-founder and CEO of Lablaco, a groundbreaking circular fashion platform powered by blockchain technology. This visionary platform facilitates the digital transformation and interconnection of items throughout the entire value chain, revolutionizing the way brands and retailers engage with the fashion industry.

Born in London and nurtured between Florence and Milan to Italian/American and English families, Albrighi developed a profound passion for the Italian fashion landscape. Embarking on his journey at the age of 20, he honed his craft as an apprentice tailor at the esteemed A. Caraceni in Milan, catering to iconic clients such as Karl Lagerfeld, Gianfranco Ferrè, and Calvin Klein. His two-year tenure equipped him with the fundamentals of traditional Italian bespoke tailoring.

Seeking to broaden his expertise, Albrighi moved to Florence, where he refined his skills in suit cutting under the tutelage of Neapolitan cutter and master Mario Sciales at Sartoria M. Marinaro. Serving distinguished clients, including the Pucci family and other Florentine aristocrats, he further enriched his understanding of the intricacies of the fashion world.

Following this transformative period, Albrighi established his own tailoring house, earning recognition as one of the premier ateliers in Milan, as acknowledged by the Louis Vuitton Milan City Guide. His clientele extended to members of the Arab Royal family, renowned fashion photographer Giovanni Gastel, and Arnaud Massenet, the Co-Founder of Net-A-Porter, who subsequently became Lablaco's first investor.

Lorenzo Albrighi emerged as a catalyst for change in the linear fashion system, particularly within the luxury market. Lablaco, under his visionary leadership, has consistently contributed to fostering a more sustainable fashion ecosystem. Albrighi's commitment to future innovations and the promotion of conscious shopping has positioned Lablaco as a pioneering force, challenging industry norms and steering fashion towards a more sustainable and accessible future.

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