Liz Ricketts

Co-Founder, Or Foundation
United States
Listed Since
Liz Ricketts stands at the forefront of the fight against textile waste and the pursuit of climate justice within the fashion industry.

As the co-founder and executive director of The Or Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting communities in Ghana's prominent secondhand clothing hub, Kantamanto market, Liz is a fervent advocate for a justice-centered circular economy. Her journey in the world of fashion began as a designer and stylist, but a profound realization of the detrimental impact of the industry's disposable culture prompted her to shift gears. Liz redirected her focus towards education and advocacy, earning a Masters in education from Harvard University.

Liz Ricketts' impactful work has been instrumental in shedding light on the staggering volume of clothing waste dispatched from European and American markets to Ghana and other global South countries, much of which ultimately finds its way into landfills. In recent times, The Or Foundation, under Liz's leadership, has intensified its political advocacy efforts, striving to ensure that European initiatives aimed at regulating textile waste contribute positively to the nations often burdened with its aftermath. Liz Ricketts continues to be a driving force, challenging the status quo and championing sustainable, equitable practices within the fashion industry.

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