Gonçalo Cruz

Co-Founder, PlatformE
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Gonçalo Cruz, based in Portugal, stands at the forefront of innovative initiatives within the fashion industry, seamlessly merging sustainability with cutting-edge technology. As a visionary with a knack for anticipating industry needs, Cruz strategically embraced digital design, customizable products, and on-demand manufacturing long before these became critical requirements during the pandemic.

Trained as an industrial engineer, Cruz co-founded the software company PlatformE in 2015, alongside Farfetch CEO José Neves and fashion brand manager Ben Demiri. PlatformE specializes in implementing made-to-order production through the use of photorealistic 3D models. This technology empowers customers to visualize and personalize pieces before placing their orders. His foresight and expertise have positioned Cruz as a key player in the intersection of fashion and technology.

Having collaborated with renowned brands such as Fendi, Dior, and Sergio Rossi, Cruz continued his trajectory by co-founding Ddigitt in the spring of 2020. This venture was initiated following a suggestion from the Kering Group, with Ddigitt focusing on enabling brands to seamlessly integrate 3D design into their processes.

In a bid to further explore the realms of technology and design, Cruz co-founded Skinvaders with CEO and co-founder Alexis Arragon. Skinvaders caters to brands like Marine Serre and Puma, facilitating the creation of skins for games and metaverse spaces, showcasing Cruz's adaptability and commitment to staying on the cutting edge.

Looking ahead, Cruz channels his forward-focused skill set into the realm of digital-physical NFT drops. As a co-founder of Skinvaders, he introduces a prototype brand named Valaclava. This brand's products, fittingly, are crafted on demand, reflecting Cruz's commitment to bridging the gap between digital innovation and physical products in the rapidly evolving landscape of the fashion industry. With an impressive track record and a keen eye for the future, Gonçalo Cruz continues to shape the intersection of fashion, sustainability, and technology.

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