Daria Shapovalova

Founder, DressX
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Daria Shapovalova is a visionary leader in the fashion industry, making waves as the former creative director of Kiev Fashion Days and the founder of DressX, a cutting-edge fashion tech company, and the renowned showroom, More Dash.

In the dynamic world of fashion, Shapovalova, armed with degrees in PR and marketing, embarked on her journey with an internship under the vibrant editor-at-large of Vogue Japan, Anna Della Russo. Recognizing the potential of emerging Ukrainian designers, she bridged the gap, introducing them to international retailers and press contacts. At just 19, she launched her own television show, "Fashion Week With Daria Shapovalova," a precursor to her prolific career in multimedia journalism, contributing to prestigious publications such as Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and Vogue Russia.

Shapovalova's influence expanded into video direction at Nowfashion and her role as the force behind Russian-language fashion websites, Fw-Dailly and her eponymous fashion blog. Breaking new ground, she established More Dash Sales, her own PR agency in 2014, amplifying the presence of Eastern European brands like Mariana Senchina and Anna October in global markets.

As the organizer and creative director of the Mercedes Benz Kiev Fashion Days, Shapovalova aimed to elevate Ukrainian fashion on the international stage. Her dedication bore fruit with Ukrainian designers gracing prominent stores worldwide. A regular contributor to Style.com, she has played a pivotal role in shaping Ukraine's image in the global fashion community.

In 2016, Shapovalova ventured into technology, hosting the first fashion-technology forum. She furthered her impact on the fashion landscape by founding the Kyiv Fashion Institute, solidifying her status as a trailblazer in fashion education. Recognized for her sartorial prowess, Shapovalova became a familiar face outside fashion shows and tents.

Relocating to San Francisco in 2017 for an MBA, Shapovalova fused her traditional fashion experience with a passion for tech. Post-MBA, she co-founded DressX in Los Angeles in 2020, revolutionizing the industry with a "Metacloset" of digital-only clothes, NFT fashion items, and AR looks.

Amidst the turmoil in her native Ukraine, Shapovalova has driven the #FashionforPeace initiative, uniting fellow countrymen and designers against negative press and violence. Her indomitable spirit continues to shape the narrative, showcasing Ukraine's extraordinary talents and resilience to the world.

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