Cyril Foiret

Founder, AI Fashion Week
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Cyril Foiret, a visionary Parisian native, has been at the forefront of the fashion industry's exploration of generative AI. In a year when major fashion brands were still grappling with the implications of this explosive technology, Foiret was already breaking ground with the first-ever AI Fashion Week. This groundbreaking event not only showcased the potential of generative AI but also welcomed global creatives, many from outside the traditional fashion sphere, to experiment with its transformative capabilities.

The success of AI Fashion Week was no small feat, as it garnered support from prominent backers such as New York's Spring Studios and e-commerce giant Revolve Group. Distinguished guest judges from Celine, Adidas, and Vogue Japan added prestige to the competition, highlighting the growing significance of AI in the fashion landscape. For many, this event marked a pivotal moment, demonstrating how AI could enhance, rather than threaten, human creativity in the realm of fashion.

Cyril Foiret's journey is as unique as his perspective. Starting his career as a wardrobe stylist, he underwent a remarkable evolution into a self-taught graphic designer and coder. His venture, Maison Meta, a creative studio, played a pivotal role in assisting clients like Moncler, Pangaia, and Revolve in becoming pioneers in adopting AI technology for innovation.

Foiret's latest brainchild raised profound questions about the future of talent evaluation and technique in the fashion industry. It wasn't merely a theoretical exercise confined to the digital realm; three designers who participated in the event had their works selected for physical production by Revolve, bridging the gap between the conceptual and the tangible. Cyril Foiret's relentless pursuit of merging technology with fashion has not only shaped the industry's narrative but has also demonstrated the potential of AI to redefine the creative process in unprecedented ways.

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