Cathy Hackl

Founder, Journey
United States
Listed Since
Cathy Hackl, renowned as a leading advocate and communicator in the burgeoning realm of the metaverse, has played a pivotal role in demystifying and promoting this transformative digital space. As the metaverse gained widespread acclaim, Hackl emerged as one of its most vocal champions, dedicated explainers, and steadfast supporters. Her expertise lies in translating the complex concepts of the metaverse and Web3 into accessible language for a broader audience.

With a rich background in mixed reality and spatial computing, Hackl's advisory services have set her apart, earning her the well-deserved moniker "Godmother of the Metaverse." Her client roster includes prestigious names such as Clinique and luxury fashion brands, attesting to the caliber of her insights and strategic guidance.

Hackl's influence extends beyond consultancy as she actively shapes the metaverse landscape. Notably, she pioneered the popularization of concepts like "direct-to-avatar" and highlighted the significance of the role of the Chief Metaverse Officer in navigating this evolving digital frontier.

In a groundbreaking moment, Hackl made history by appearing as a live hologram during Decentraland's inaugural Metaverse Fashion Week in March. Shortly thereafter, she made waves by announcing the acquisition of her firm, Futures Intelligence Group, by the innovative metaverse startup Journey, marking a new chapter in her already illustrious career.

Looking ahead, Cathy Hackl continues to spearhead initiatives that bridge the gap between the metaverse and mainstream audiences. Expanding on her successful foray into Metaverse Fashion Week, she is actively pursuing larger-scale partnerships with fashion brands. Her goal is to usher in a broader audience into the realms of new worlds and cutting-edge technologies, solidifying her position as a trailblazer and influencer in the ever-evolving metaverse landscape.

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