Beth Esponnette

Co-Founder, Unspun
United States
Listed Since
Beth Esponnette, a dynamic scientist and visionary designer, stands at the forefront of innovation in the fashion industry. As the co-founder of unspun, a pioneering fashion-tech startup, Beth is on a mission to revolutionize the way we perceive and produce clothing. Fueled by a passion for solving significant challenges within the fashion sector, unspun focuses on creating an inclusive and sustainable future through custom-fit, on-demand manufacturing.

At the heart of unspun's groundbreaking approach is the integration of cutting-edge technology, exemplified by body scan jeans crafted with 3D weaving robotics. This innovative solution has garnered widespread acclaim, with unspun being recognized as a Best Invention by TIME Magazine, a Best of What’s New winner by Popular Science, and a Global Change Award recipient from H&M.

Prior to her role at unspun, Beth Esponnette honed her skills and expertise in various domains. Her journey includes developing products in the outdoor apparel industry, instructing at a machine shop, contributing to the design of robot-human soft good interfaces, and serving as an Assistant Professor at the University of Oregon, where she taught product design.

Beth's fascination with nature's inherent ability for circular manufacturing has been a guiding force throughout her career. Her keen insights and innovative thinking have positioned her as a thought leader in the industry. Beyond her entrepreneurial pursuits, Beth dedicates her expertise to the broader scientific community, serving as a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) proposal reviewer for the US National Science Foundation.

Beth Esponnette's academic journey includes earning a Bachelor of Science in Fiber Science & Apparel Design from Cornell University and a Master of Fine Arts in Design from Stanford University. Her diverse background, coupled with a relentless pursuit of sustainable solutions, underscores Beth's commitment to shaping a more equitable and environmentally conscious future for the fashion industry.

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