Alissa Aulbekova & Paula Sello

Co-Founders, Auroboros
United Kingdom
Listed Since
In the transformative landscape of 2020, where the fashion industry navigated a digital shift due to the global pandemic, Paula Sello and Alissa Aulbekova emerged as trailblazers with the inception of AUROBOROS. This London-based fashion house, founded by the creative duo, draws its name from an ancient symbol symbolizing eternal change—a snake consuming its own tail.

Paula Sello, influenced by the concept of biomimicry, began crafting unique haute couture garments during real-time crystallization, mirroring nature's structures in design. Alissa Aulbekova then employed 3D scanning and augmented reality techniques, shaping the 'AUROBOROS world'—an immersive realm celebrating the fusion of science, technology, and fashion, known as 'nature tech.'

Inspired by plant structures, human anatomy, and elements from sci-fi films like Avatar and Annihilation, AUROBOROS' digital designs feature garments adorned with tendrils, suits incorporating elements of the lymphatic system, and coats constructed from seedlings with a life of their own. Tailored to fit all body shapes and sizes, the garments are entirely waste-free, owing to their cybernetic nature. The brand, alongside initiatives like the Institute of Digital Fashion, is spearheading a new era for the industry.

Sello and Aulbekova's collaboration, which began as an experimental university project, gained momentum when AUROBOROS was selected by Lee Alexander McQueen’s Sarabande Foundation as one of the emerging artists to support in 2020. The foundation provided them with a studio space and guidance on launching their innovative fashion house. Recently, AUROBOROS showcased its digital ready-to-wear collection, making history as the first digital label on the DREST app, alongside luxury heavyweights like Gucci and Prada. The app allows fashion enthusiasts to experience cyber couture without breaking the bank.

AUROBOROS, nestled within the Sarabande Foundation established by Lee Alexander McQueen, signifies a convergence of science, technology, physical couture, and digital-only ready-to-wear. Acknowledged by prominent media outlets from Vogue and BBC to Forbes, AUROBOROS is recognized for its revolutionary aesthetic language and technological innovation in the fashion industry.

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