Zero Waste Production
Traditional patterns are cut and sewn from a larger roll of fabric, over a third of which ends up wasted on the cutting room floor.
We're tackling this in two innovative ways—through advanced fiber processing that recycles scraps from production, and a computerized knitting process that only uses the yarn necessary for the final product.

Computerized Knitting

Computerized Knitting and Laser Cutting

We use advanced computerized knitting and laser cutting techniques to create garments directly from yarn and fabrics. Our 3D Print-Knit garments come straight out of the machine as one piece, while our laser cutting products are cut in shaped panels that require just a few seams to be linked. The result is garments made with nearly zero waste.

Garment and Scrap Recycling

Garment and Scrap Recycling

Through our Zero Waste program we're able to recycle fabric scraps and retired garments that would normally be discarded into post-consumer products. The recycled fabrics are chopped into fine pieces, melted and extruded into filaments, re-spun into yarns, and then woven back into fabrics that's just as soft, strong and durable as the original.

Sustainability Change

Rapid Progress

Our zero-waste, additive manufacturing processes accounted for 26% of all units produced in 2020. 3D Print-Knit’s unique capabilities saved 34% of material that would have otherwise been wasted using traditional cut and sew, mitigating these material-associated emissions.